Updates of the week

September 6, 2018

Dry eye cycles are a problem for our eyes, I-MED PHARMA has created a solution for their patients to combat this issue. Learn more on their study on ocular hygiene.



I-MED PHARMA presents us with a study of demodex, an infestation of innocuous Demodex Brevis mites that lives in the hair follicles of our eyes. I-MED PHARMA has created a solution to repel and remove demodex. Learn more about demodex and I-MED PHARMA's solution in the following presentation.




Viesant Pharma Trade is an international medical supplier focusing on products for Ophthalmology practices. Founded in 2010, we have since amassed a wide array of products from world-class manufacturers - both international and local.




It is Viesant's Mission to distribute premium quality products for Ophthalmic use. We are committed to be responsive to the needs of the Ophthalmologists, continuously searching for innovative products that will improve their patients' lives.

We shall provide these products in a timely manner through a concerted effort by the management and motivated staff, supported by a computerized system, to benefit the Ophthalmic community, their patients, the employees and the firm.



Viesant aims to become the preferred supplier for Ophthalmic products with a significant share of the market in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, constantly expanding the portfolio for Ophthalmology and other medical fields, in order to earn enough financial resources to fund socio-economic programs in the communities it operates.