Viable. Vast. Viesant Pharma Trade.

Viesant Pharma Trade, a continuously evolving corporation in the Philippines since it flourish on 2010, offers and distributes an impressive line of premium quality products for ophthalmic use.

We take pride on our team of veteran product specialist that made us a local and an integral link to the global spectrum of a distinctive wide array of exceptional ophthalmic merchandise – thus we distribute and market only trusted products that are manufactured from corporations not only from the Philippines but multinationally.

The collaboration of our ambitious management and staff with the help of a computerized system promises an efficient way of providing our clients need in a timely manner. In addition to this, we are also continuously expanding our portfolio with innovative products to accommodate and cater every need of the ophthalmic community.

It is our ambition to be a world-class distribution corporation by practicing integrity and professionalism through our team of trusted consultants and effective managers. Our vast connection to local and international suppliers is also a constitutive part of guaranteeing and fulfilling the needs and desires of our valued clients. Through these core values, it is without doubt that our corporation will become the preferred supplier for ophthalmic products hence contributing a significant share and growth in the Philippines and Southeast Asia’s market.

Our steadfast efforts for our betterment is our stepping stone in providing the utmost service possible and to have a recognized and reputable name in the local and global market of ophthalmic products of true and excellent worth.


We are more than a corporation. We are a leader, an innovation, a connection. Viesant Pharma Trade is the connection.