Medicontur IOLs

The hydrophilic lenses uses first-class materials with a unique patented design make the difference. They are easy and reproducible injection equipped with a 1.8mm micro-incision. In addition, they are long-term axial, radial and torsional  stability, as well as precise and stable refractive results including improved PCO prevention and very low chromatic aberration. The hydrophobic lenses are manufactured from a long-time proven SEMTE hydrophobic co-polymer material. A co-polymer with reduced tackiness compared to other hydrophobic materials. Improved mechanical and rheological properties at room temperature – optimal glass transition temperature (Tg) at 4°C. Excellent pseudo-plasticity for quick centration and positioning of  the injected lens. Also with a low rate of cell adhesion: enhanced PCO prevention.



The ingredients in the cleansers can make a difference in a patient's overall eye care. I-LID N LASH® has a specially formulated cleanser containing sodium hyaluronate provides a gentle and soothing, yet effective manner to clean eyelids and lashes. One simple daily application will help remove ocular debris, reduce extra-ocular inflammation, moisturize delicate skin and enhance the effectiveness of artificial tears like I-DROP®.




I-MED Pharma Viscoadaptive Tears

I-DROP® viscoadaptive artificial tears are premium eye drops that effectively and quickly help to relieve dry eye symptoms.             I-DROP® combines the advantages of the cohesive physical properties of the viscoelastic hyaluronan inactive ingredient, and the dispersive physical properties of a low molecular weight glycerin lubricant.



I-MED Pharma I-PEN

I-PEN® is the world’s first, hand-held, point-of-care, solid state electronic diagnostic device to detect and indirectly measure the tear film osmolarity levels associated with marginal, mild, moderate and severe Dry Eye Disease. The I-PEN® has quantitative measurement of osmolarity and brings affordable point-of-care tests. The I-PEN® uses Single-Use-Sensors (SUS) also is quick and simple to use which takes less than 5 seconds per eye. It is proven to create reproducible, accurate and reliable results.

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MERAN eye drapes and surgical gowns

MERAN tip disposable eye surgical covers are of superior quality standards. A 3M film is used in the adhesion area, along with a 40-45 gr/m2 non-woven fabric is cut to desired size and production is taken. Disposable surgical gowns and shirts are produced sterile and non-sterile with the same fabric.




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MERAN ophthalmic set

The MERAN ophthalmic set provides a single pouch and surgical equipment.

The kit contains:

Pouched Drape (non woven), surgical table drape, tool table drape, 2 pieces of surgical coats, 2 pieces of surgical towels


VIDI Smart Glasses

A smart electronic closure glasses that will solve problems in treatment of closure of the amblyopia was produced. Vidi Smart Glasses is in fact unique globally, with the solutions it developed and nobilities it brought for individuals. It increases the constructing rate in visible wavelenght of the liquid crystal lens during the closure of heavy eye (Liquid Cyristal). It is a type of glasses that is very simple and easy to use.